Mid Day Power Partners meeting

Mid Day Power Partners has been meeting weekly for over a decade. Our members have grown their businesses and their ability to help their connections by giving and receiving referrals… Not leads, but qualified referrals.

BNI is the most successful business networking organization in the world, with thousands of chapters world-wide, and tens of thousands of members, giving billions of dollars worth of business to one another.

In addition, our members find that they become more comfortable speaking, learn to identify their target market and are better able to hone their message in accordance with their business vision.

Our Vision

Mid Day Power Partners is an extraordinarily qualified group of successful and caring professionals with high integrity who commit to helping each other build their businesses in a collaborative, supportive way. We network and refer business to each other in a trustworthy and honest manner.

Our leadership team reflects our diverse professional pursuits, yet operates with a passionate unity of purpose to benefit all members. Visitors to our chapter receive a warm welcome and feel valued and important. They are impressed with the support we give one another and are inspired to join us and grow.

We help our members and their clients create financial and personal success through collaborative support and development of deep personal and professional relationships. We celebrate success by recognizing member achievements, sponsoring training opportunities to create even more success, having regular social gatherings, and giving back to our community as individuals and a chapter.